November 21, 2019,   1:18 PM

3 Ways To Fast Track Your Job Search When Online Applications Are Unresponsive

Elena Agaragimova

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Are you looking for a new job in the market? You might be probably thinking of using the online job boards or social media networks, such as LinkedIn, to facilitate your job-seeking process and get yourself an interview. However, the reality is a bit different from what you expect. It is a common complaint among job seekers that their applications are rarely acknowledged while many vent their frustration on system generated auto emails.

But despite these challenges, hopeful aspirants keep applying for jobs online even when it doesn't yield satisfactory results. One main reason for that is convenience. Gone are those days of cold calling or randomly dropping CVs. Numerous job portals are making jobs accessible to large pools of aspirants while a laptop and a stable internet connection have made it all the more convenient.

However, when you complete your online job application, you are guaranteed nothing. You might or might not get an interview. Sometimes you might hear back and if not, they will remain silent forever. The convenience of applying to new jobs straight from your mobile devices or laptops is one of the biggest reasons why people keep applying for jobs online, even when it doesn't yield appropriate results. But, because it makes us feel as if we have done our part of the job search, we keep doing it. Furthermore, we keep taking this approach even if it produces no results.

Another factor that prompts candidates to apply online is their lack of professional network. Many individuals do not have extended professional connections or ideas about how to get started on the job search. Due to this, the only way they know to get themselves a job is by applying to numerous jobs online and hoping that at least one recruiter will pick up their application.

However, being a functional job-seeking channel, online job applications are as good as useless. The chances of getting a job by submitting an online application are as good as winning a lottery. If you are finding yourself in the same position, you are certainly not alone. There are millions of professionals, who find themselves in the same position.

What can you do instead?

Finding yourself in a mess of unresponsive online job applications and not knowing what to do differently can cause your professional career serious harm. If you are tired of submitting job applications online, with no substantial results, there are other strategies you can explore:

  • Get in touch with a career coach, who can help you with your job-seeking process. Not only they can guide in your professional career path and resume making, according to industry standards, but they can also help you with building a professional network around you, which can lead to better results.


  • Expand and create new networks, attend events, get comfortable with being uncomfortable and meet new people; find online platforms and communities you can join, begin to connect with others, join a professional organization that suits your industry or profession (they usually have events and access to network), touch base with your alumni from your university and maintain those relationships.


  • Be curious – talk to colleagues, friends, extended networks on their career journeys, what worked, what didn’t work, how they got about finding their work, get curious about other industries and topics you normally would not think of. It is a small world, and an opportunity just might come from the least expected areas.

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