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June 20, 2019,   3:43 PM

4 Of The Best Apps For Business Communications

Hisham Ibrahim



Image source: Pixabay

The app world is huge, with over three million on the Google Play Platform, and almost 2.5 million in the App Store. Many are designed to benefit the business world. Here are four of the best for communications.

  1. Fuze

Fuze is a complete solution for employees, offering text-based messaging, audio and video calls and conference calls for up to 250 people. The solution is available on Windows OS, MacOS, Android, iOS and Linux Platforms, and offers a virtual phone number that can be used to contact the customer support department directly from users’ phones.

  1. Slack

Slack offers an advanced solution for employee communication that is based on channels, where every department can create a channel that is dedicated to them. Slack offers text, audio and video communications, with conference calls for up to 50 users. What makes Slack is more advanced than other platforms is its ability to integrate with more than 1,500 different app, and service, from different providers. Slack is offered for free, and is available on Windows OS, MacOS, Android, iOS and a Web Version.

  1. WhatsApp Business

WhatsApp Business is the newest app on our list. Dedicated to business solutions, it offers extra features over normal WhatsApp versions, as labels and API connections with other services. WhatsApp Business also offers the ability to communicate with contacts and send direct messages to them via AI or automated Solutions. WhatsApp Business is offered for Android, iOS and Windows OS, with a web version available for easier usage.

  1. ADDAppt Application

We’ve talked about communication between employees and client, but what about an app to manage contacts? This what ADDAppt specializes in, as it offers advanced contacts management services. For example, you can create categories for contacts and labels for easier management. What is unique with ADDAppt, is its ability to search social networks for any contact update, update your contacts list directly and keep it updated. ADDAppt is available on Android and iOS, and is the only app on our list that is available on Apple Watch and Google Wear platforms.

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