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August 5, 2019,   3:49 PM

4 Platforms To Help You Manage Freelancers

Hisham Ibrahim



Image source: Flickr

Sometimes your company might start a new project and need extra employees, but not on long term basis, or you need freelancers to help you with your job. With the gig economy growing, freelancing is an expanding market. According to a Payoneer study, by 2020 40% of the US workforce will be freelancers.

But how can you manage your team’s workflow if they are not in the office? Here are 4 online platforms that could help:


Trello is a project management platform that uses visual aids to set and assign tasks, set the timeline for each task and give feedback. Freelancers can update you on their progress and achievements, and you can provide instant feedback.


Slack is a communication platform that enables you to set channels for each project, make video and voice calls and have conferences remotely. It also has a number of additional apps available from its marketplace that can be added to improve its functionality.


ResourcesGuru is helpful if you are managing a big team of freelancers, as it offers an automated way to view their tasks, progress made and the time they require for each task. All this is combined with normal project management tools.


Feedback and comments are crucial in any successful business, whether from customers or employees. While many employees might be afraid to express their honest feedback about their line managers, 15Five offers a way to collect comments from each team member anonymously.

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