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June 12, 2019,   4:59 PM

A Closer Look At The Film That Broke Arabic Cinema Records

Fouzia Azzab

Arabic editor- Forbes Middle East FULL BIO

casablanca film

In Arabic blockbuster, Casablanca, characters Omar Elmorr, Orabi and Rashid, take you across an adventurous world of non-stop action for nearly two hours, with a plot that will leave you breathless.

Casablanca has made the record books by becoming the first film in the history of Egyptian and Arabic cinema to gross around $478,000 daily—surpassing records achieved by "War of Karamouz" starring Amir Krarah, and "An Emergency Escape" by Ahmed El Sakka. The movie broke Egyptian cinema records by raking in $1.4 million in Egypt, and nearly $272,000 in other Gulf countries, in its first three days.

Our heroes, Omar Elmorr, Orabi and Rashid, are "Sea Ravagers”. Friendship brought them together and betrayal will divide them, under the leadership of Elmorr, played by Krarah. The story begins with an attack, during which the leader decides it is time for the gang to part ways. Three years later they meet again in Casablanca, Morocco, where 80% of the film takes place.

The movie opened in theaters on the first day of Eid al-Fitr in Egypt and the Gulf, as well as other Arab countries. What makes it special, is its way of narrative, as it mixes action with comedy, especially anytime Orabi, played by Amr Abdel Jalil, appears on the screen. His wit adds even more drama to the high-octane action scenes.

The film is written by Hisham Hilal, directed by Peter Mimi, and stars Amir Krarah, Iyad Nassar, Amr Abdel Jalil, Ghada Adel, Ahmed Dash. A myriad of other stars also make guest appearances, such as Mostafa Shaaban, Nelly Karim, Bayoumi Fouad and Ahmed Fahmy.

Turkish star, Halide Argent, plays powerful gang boss, Dragon. Critics have hailed him as a successful choice, especially considering that the role he plays is miles from the romantic character he plays in Turkish historical series "Harem Sultan".

Star, Amir Krarah, is in the UAE this week to celebrate the film’s success with audiences and attend a special screening. He will be joined by Iyad Nassar, Peter Mimi, and producer Yousuf Al Taher.

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