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A Healing Hand  

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Dr Kamal Al Kassir talks about how he set up his own business and the key elements to the clinic’s continuous growth.

How long have you been practicing in your field and what do you specialize in ?
have been practicing in my field for a decade now. My main specialization is osteopathy and neurological rehabilitation, but I have continued my education and earned a doctorate degree in physical therapy.

When setting up your own clinic did you envisage that it would be as successful as it is?
Opening my clinic at the age of 23, as well as having a role at Beit Chabab Hospital as the head of the physical therapy department, was a huge risk. However, I am a confident, positive and adventurous person. I have strived day after day to make the clinic a huge success and a home of support and pain relief to many patients.

Although I started out managing the clinic by myself, the business grew larger to become a family of five therapists working together to execute an average of 550 sessions per month and becoming a reference of internship for students from the Lebanese University and the Lebanese German University.

What have been the main components to your business growth?
Ethics, professionalism and continuous education were always my priorities while working at the clinic. However, seeking for the best results for our patients, I have also made sure to invest in the newest machines in the market. This combination gave me a big boost in my career, making our clinic a leader in the field.

Who are your key customers and how do you market the clinic?
Patients’ needs are in the heart of every decision we make, providing them with a successful personalized treatment. I believe that satisfying results make word-of-mouth the key to my expanding and prosperous business and not a specific key customer.

What are some of the most common problems you encounter in patients?

Due to the stressful and sedentary lifestyles that people are living, the most common problems that we encounter in the clinic are musculoskeletal disorders (back and neck pain, arthritis, tendinopathies, headaches, disc herniation). In addition to that, and since I hold a master’s degree in neurological rehabilitation, I also treat a lot of cases of people with stroke side-effects, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s Disease and Ataxia helping them gain balance, motor coordination and strength in order to live a better independent life.

Do you have any plans to expand your services?
Because our main goal is the wellbeing of the body, in 2016 we started offering treatments for men and women, such as pre and post-natal care, urinary incontinence and erectile dysfunction. And in 2018 we started to collaborate with a certified dermatologist offering aesthetic services at our clinic. Due to successful results and satisfactory feedback from patients, we had an incentive to expand the business. We plan to open another branch in the Gulf region in future.

Of all your achievements, what makes you most proud?
Being among the first Lebanese to present a research in the World Congress of Physical Therapy in 2017, held in Cape Town, was for me the greatest achievement and recognition for my career. This opportunity opened many doors for me and boosted my reputation to an even more professional level.

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