July 21, 2019,   10:14 AM

Adaptive AI Technologies Can Align With Student's Skills

Waleed Hmidan

Waleed is a filmmaker with a dozen short films in his filmography, some of which have been featured... FULL BIO

Randa Jamali Charamand, CEO of TUMO Beirut, spoke to us at SmartEx Lebanon about how AI capabilities can create exclusive learning courses for students.

"The creative aspect in TUMO relies within the flexible AI platform that adapts to the kids’ interest and progression through the program.

"It is a very innovative idea based on three levels of learning, we start with self-learning and then workshops guided by local practitioners in the field or international gurus in filmmaking, photography or any other fields.

"After that, the AI platform automatically develops what we call a TUMO Path - a learning journey for the kid that is adapted into his own preferences of skills that he wants to learn, but also adapts to his progress and involvement within the learning process.

"The learning process ideally takes about a year or a year and a half, after which the kids would have an online portfolio that allows them to showcase their work to universities or organizations or other parties."

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