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November 8, 2018,   9:53 AM

Amazon To Split Its $5 Billion Second Headquarters In Two Cities

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After an expansive hunt for a second home in North America, e-commerce giant Amazon is looking to split its HQ2 presence in two cities.

According to media reports that quoted anonymous sources familiar with the decision, Crystal City, Virginia, New York City and Dallas were in the running to house Amazon’s second headquarters.

Amazon’s decision to split its headquarters comes as it plans to employ 25,000 people in each of its offices and a final choice of a city would be dependent on its ability to accommodate an impact of such a large organization.

The Seattle-headquartered company has said that it will pick a location by the end of 2018.

With an investment worth $5 billion, economic boost to the host city would be substantial. That has led to a number of US cities coming to fore with competitive perks such as tax incentives to lure Amazon.

However, the impact that such a large influx of people would have on a city’s housing and traffic has prompted concerns among the residents. Splitting it between two cities will help alleviate a part of such problems.

In addition, two different sites would also give Amazon access to varied talent pools.

Amazon first revealed its plans for its second headquarters in September 2017, citing that it is growing much faster than its Seattle office could handle. It had even considered Canada to base its second major operations from but later narrowed down the choice to American cities.

The company was founded in a garage in 1994 by entrepreneur Jeff Bezos, who is also the first person to amass wealth exceeding $150 billion in Forbes' annual billionaire ranking.

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