Dawn Chmielewski


4 months ago

Netflix Shrugs Off Its New, Bigger Competitors — Apple And Disney

The Internet TV giant acknowledged the new competitors as “world-class consumer brands”, but CEO Reed Hastings isn’t letting the competition see him sweat.
4 months ago

AT&T Sheds Its Stake In Hulu For $1.43 Billion, Nearly Tripling Investment

Hulu is buying back AT&T's minority stake in the streaming service, which values the streaming service, which competes with Netflix and Amazon, at $15 billion.
5 months ago

Disney+ Undercuts Rivals On Price, Flexes Its Iconic Brands

Disney+ will cost $6.99 a month when it debuts on November 12—less than Netflix’s cheapest plan, at $8.99 a month.
5 months ago

Apple Brings Out Oprah To Tout Apple+ Streaming TV But Leaves Viewers Guessing

Winfrey talked publicly for the first time about her multi-year deal with Apple — a partnership CEO Tim Cook has referenced frequently, if vaguely.
6 months ago

Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg Says The Future Is Encrypted, Private Messaging

Zuckerberg spelled out this seismic shift in a Facebook post,  describing plans to foster private communication across the company's digital properties — Instagram, WhatsApp and Messenger.
6 months ago

The Great Oscars Chase: How Netflix Is Spending Millions To Win Prestige And Rewrite Hollywood's Economics

Netflix is spending around $30 million on a best picture campaign for Roma. This is almost double of what studios typically spend on Best Picture campaigns.    
7 months ago

It's Official: Spotify Buys Gimlet Media, Plans To Spend Up To $500 Million This Year on Acquisitions

The Swedish company said it has reached an agreement to acquire Gimlet Media, home to such acclaimed podcasts as  Reply All and StartUp, and Anchor.