Jasmine Nahhas di Florio

Jasmine Nahhas di Florio is Senior Vice President, Strategy and Partnerships at Education For Employment, a nonprofit working to connect MENA’s youth to the world of work.


3 days ago

Transforming Arab Youth From Tech Consumers To Producers

Although the region’s consumers have adopted emerging technologies at a rapid pace, MENA still needs to produce talent with the skills to meet the job requirements of a digital economy.
2 months ago

Refocusing Investments To Help Youth Can Transform MENA Economies

The youth might be the key to transforming the MENA economy but companies will have to keep these things in mind. 
5 months ago

The Power Of The Private Sector: How Businesses Can Help Boost Youth Employment

The private sector is key to creating jobs and integrating MENA’s youth into the workforce, but greater investment is needed from the business community.
7 months ago

To Unlock The Economic Potential Of MENA, We Must Address The Region’s Youth Unemployment Crisis

The World Economic Forum has identified MENA’s record high youth unemployment rate as a greater threat than water scarcity and cyber-attacks.