Alice G. Walton


2 years ago

The Benefits Of Olive Oil For Cholesterol Patients

The effectiveness of the Mediterranean diet isn’t really up for debate anymore—at this point, it’s more a question of how to tweak it, and home in on what the active ingredients are. (For example,...
4 years ago

The Lifestyle Choices That Affect Alzheimer's Risk

There are no guarantees when it comes to aging, but a new study helps clarify the lifestyle choices that affect our risk for Alzheimer’s disease, for better and for worse. The team from the...
4 years ago

New Study Says Low-Fat Diet Trumps Low-Carb. But There's A Bigger Message.

In the unending tug-of-war between low-fat and low-carb diets, it’s seemed in recent years like the low-carb camp has inched ahead, at least for short-term weight loss. But a well-controlled...
4 years ago

Spicy Foods Linked To Longer Life, Study Finds

New research out in the The BMJ yesterday suggests that the spice of life may be – well, spice. At least when it comes to longevity. The large-scale study that included almost half a million people...
4 years ago

Sugary Drinks Linked To Health Problems Even In Normal Weight People

A new study projects some hard numbers for what many have suspected in the past – that sugary drinks are linked to diabetes. The researchers at University of Cambridge culled a number of past studies...
5 years ago

On Your Feet!

Sitting for extended periods of time has been a sort of 21st century epidemic—TV-gazing isn’t new, but streaming movies and tablets aren’t helping our habit of sitting. In studies, sedentariness has...