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September 1, 2019,   1:00 PM

Barbies Launches New Global Figures To Inspire Girls

Jamila Gandhi


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Image source: Mattel

American doll maker, Mattel, has announced the addition of two role models to the Barbie Inspiring Women Series.

Civil rights activist Rosa Parks and the first American female astronaut Sally Ride, are now available for sale at for $30.99 per piece. Each doll comes with details about the contributions they have made to society and their respective fields.

On December 1, 1955, when Rosa Parks refused an order to give up her seat to a white passenger and move to the back of the bus, her act of defiance became the catalyst for the Montgomery Bus Boycott. Meanwhile, Sally Ride earned her place on June 18, 1983, when she blasted off aboard the space shuttle Challenger to become the first American woman – and youngest American – to fly in space.

This series was debuted in March last year ahead of International Women’s Day, to pay tribute to the risk-takers and change-makers. The dolls of pilot Amelia Earhart, NASA mathematician Katherine Johnson, and renowned artist Frida Kahlo were released in the inaugural batch of the Inspiring Women Series.  "These historical women broke boundaries that made the world a better place for future generations," a Mattel spokeswoman said in a statement.

The iconic Barbie has seen an evolution since her first appearance in 1959 in a zebra swimsuit and high heels. The company has released a Barbie doctor, teacher, and astronaut, among more than 200 career dolls in the last six decades. With 81% of moms globally worried about the type of role models their daughters are exposed to, the brand is igniting a conversation around the importance of positive role models. 

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