December 6, 2017,   12:37 PM

Skill Development - The Next Revolution

Black Cube Solutions (, a frontier tech company, is poised to disrupt the learning and education sector by focusing on skill development and career progression through machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Black Cube Solutions, founded by Peer Mohaideen Sait, is an embodiment of a success story that has originated from Dubai Technology Entrepreneur
Centre (DTEC), Dubai Silicon Oasis, U.A.E. It’s an innovative company that has investment support from prominent Emirati businessmen, senior executives from the public and private sectors and subject matter experts.
Black Cube Solutions has a unique structure wherein the core team has segmented the entire education sector into five parts namely – pre-schools, schools, universities, working professionals and senior executives. The aim is to develop disruptive skill development solutions for each of these segments and solve their most pressing challenges. They have already devel-
oped two products, i.e. “Training Calendar”, a product targeted at university and working professionals and “BoardroomIn”, a solution targeting senior executives.
Training Calendar is world’s first complete platform for skill development and career progression powered by artificial intelligence. It’s the only platform that brings together all the stakeholders of the skill development ecosystem. The stakeholders are classified as Buyers, Sellers and Beneficiaries. Buyers are stakeholders that invest in courses to fulfil specific skill needs and ensure career progression. Working professionals, fresh graduates and students do individual investments, and Human Resource / Learning & Development Managers (responsible for identifying and fulfilling skill gaps
for the entire organization) make corporate investments. As the name suggests, Sellers are stakeholders such as Training providers, Executive Education Providers, Universities and Freelance Trainers that develop and deliver courses to fulfil specific skill needs. Beneficiaries are stakeholders that reap the benefits of the skill development process, i.e. individuals who develop their skills and recruitment professionals who get access to a global
pool of talented individuals with enhanced skill sets. Training Calendar has built the capabilities to address the most critical pain points for each of the stakeholders.


Artificial Intelligence (AI) Powered Skill Gap Analysis
Once fresh graduates, students or working professionals build their profile on Training Calendar, the platform helps answer the most critical career questions, what skills do I need to develop to ensure sustained career progression? Through artificial intelligence capabilities and global benchmarking, the platform generates a skill chart with the accurate list of skills that fresh graduates, students or working professionals need to develop and courses are recommended accordingly. This feature empowers working professionals to steer their careers in the right direction and enables fresh
graduates and students to become job ready.

Skill-driven Training Needs Analysis (TNA)
As a practice majority of L&D Manager manually consult members of the senior management and compile the organizational training requirements into a single document called the TNA. The TNA created doesn’t look into skill competencies thus failing to provide guidance on succession planning.

On Training Calendar, L&D Manager provides organizational specific information that enables them to upgrade existing job description to global standards through JDSkills feature. JDSkills along with employee Skill chart generates a comprehensive organizational level Skill matrix and TNA that enables senior management to decide on Training requirements and succession planning.

Smart Training Procurement
Once the training needs are analyzed, the L&D Manager can access a global marketplace of training providers that are capable of fulfilling their organization’s skill gap requirements. The smart training procurement feature enables the L&D Manager to create RFPs for their bulk training requirements and invites proposals from around the world. Once the proposals are received, the L&D Manager can compare and finalize vendors based on critical criteria such as Price, vendor rating, course rating, trainer rating, accreditation, client list and take an informed decision.

After a particular vendor is finalized, the entire training program can be administered from a user-friendly Training Calendar App that enables delgates to give a comprehensive feedback about the training. The trainer too has access to the app and can manage the training program attendance.
When the training requirements are limited, the L&D Manager can directly choose course recommendations from the platform and assign it to the employee’s calendar.
Innovative Skill Based Talent Solutions
In the last 20 years, the recruitment process has hardly seen any major changes or innovation. Recruiters currently are flooded with tons of CVs for a job post and most of these CVs are irrelevant to the role. For a job seeker, the whole process has become increasingly tedious from submitting detailed job applications across multiple platforms to negligible responses.

Training Calendar is set to disrupt the recruitment process for good with its innovative Job Scan feature. Once a recruiter uploads the Skill based job requirement, the platform asks the recruiter to assign weightage-based criteria that enable the recruiter to view a detailed analysis of individual profiles with a job requirement match percent- age. The recruiter in a few clicks can shortlist the best-suited profiles and hire the best talent.
All a Job seeker needs to do is update their skill profile and click on job scan to see all the relevant global opportunities along with skill based match percentage. Training Calendar thus enables a Job seeker to pursue global career opportunities through existing skills and provide skill based career development intelligence.

BoardroomIn, another innovation developed by Black Cube Solutions, is a mobile application that allows senior executives to harness their skills through credible business advice anywhere, anytime. BoardroomIn provides a seamless experience that allows executives to connect with renowned global subject matter experts in real time via the built-in text chat, voice call or video call features all on the comfort of a mobile app. BoardroomIn eliminates the astronomic logistics costs associated with such an engagement without compromising on the quality of delivery.

While scheduling an engagement, the executive pays the fee mentioned in the expert’s profile. Once the engagement is completed the executive can review and rate the experience. Review and rating provide insights to the engagement for other executives registered on BoardroomIn.

For experts, the app proves to be a great tool for global reach and generating leads for larger engagements. The BoardroomIn interactions are strictly confidential and executives can be assured that the details of the engagement would never be advertised in public or private forums.

Disrupting the Skill Development Ecosystem
Training Calendar and BoardroomIn developed by Black Cube Solutions leave a lasting impact on the global skill development ecosystem through their disruptive nature and innovative capabilities. Whether it’s an upcoming graduate who is looking to find his feet in the professional world or a CEO struggling with a challenging issue, Black Cube Solutions has built products that can address the pain points of the entire spectrum in a convenient and effective manner.

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