April 2, 2019,   1:14 PM

Boeing Says 737 Max Software Fix Will Take Few Weeks More

Mary Sophia

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US-based airplane manufacturer Boeing has said that a proposed software upgrade for the 737 Max aircraft will be delayed by a few weeks.

The statement comes after the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) said that Boeing would be late in submitting an upgrade proposal - due last week - for approval.

"We are working to demonstrate that we have identified and appropriately addressed all certification requirements and will be submitting it for FAA review once completed in the coming weeks," Boeing said.

"We will take a thorough and methodical approach to the development and testing of the update to ensure we take the time to get it right."

Boeing 737 Max aircraft came under scrutiny after it was involved in two fatal airline crashes within a space of five months. The cause of the crash is attributed to an anti-stall system that pushes the plane’s nose down after sensing a threat.

But now Boeing has said that the feature will only be activated once when it senses a problem instead of repeatedly. This could give pilots more control over the flight.

The air crashes, which have killed as many as 350 people, have led to grounding of around 300 jets, which were in use by various airlines around the world. Boeing too has been facing an impact with its shares down by 7.3% since the crash of the Ethiopian Airlines earlier this year.

The company’s single aisle 737 Max aircraft was among its popular models thanks to its fuel efficiency and lower maintenance costs. Regionally, flydubai and Oman Air are some of the airlines with a sizeable fleet of 737 Max aircraft.

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