July 3, 2019,   4:05 PM

Customer Segmentation Is On The Rise

Waleed Hmidan

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We caught up with Ben Vinod, Chief Scientist at Sabre, earlier this year to find out what key trends the technology company is looking out for.

“Our key focus is to define long-term product strategy and work on innovative new solutions for the marketplace. Our customers are either airlines, suppliers, hoteliers, corporations or agencies.

"There are lots of new technologies that we are focused on. Mainly AI and machine learning, because we have put in significant effort to launch intelligent retailing.

"We have applications, models and advanced decision support that has been built, which addresses cognitive insight and cognitive engagement. Which practically means that – when it comes to retailing – we want to be in a position to do advanced segmentation of customers, and besides that we have AI enabled recommendation engines, we also have personalization at the end.

"That is a key trend that you’re going to see in the industry over the next few years, because I think customers have an expectation, that they want to see information specific to them, as opposed to generic content being displayed”