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April 17, 2017,   4:33 PM

DarkMatter Says That Its KATIM Phone Is The World’s ‘Most Secure’

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DarkMatter for integrated digital defense and cyber security consultants is preparing for the release of what it says is the world’s most secure phone.

The UAE-based firm claims to have found the solution for cyber security threats smartphone users are suffering from. Its new phone is supplied with immunity against hacking, corporate espionage and organized crime.

KATIM phone

According to DarkMatter, KATIM – which is the Arabic word for ‘mute’ -  uses a hardened Android 7.x (Nougat) operating system to safeguard against vulnerabilities, and features end-to-end data encryption and secure storage for keys. Its multilevel tamper protection also provides high assurance against physical threats, and frequent security patches protect against evolving vulnerabilities.

“Cyber attacks have become a new frontier of warfare and espionage, and mobile security threats are becoming increasingly sophisticated, with serious repercussions for enterprise and governments. While smartphones have become a vital tool for business users and high-level officials, they also offer a vast attack surface for cyber criminals to gain access and compromise the sensitive information stored and consumed via these types of devices,” Faisal Al Bannai, Founder and CEO of DarkMatter, said during KATIM’s launch at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain.

KATIM phone 2

“According to Luminet, 75% of mobile apps would fail a basic security test, since the majority of smartphone apps do not have basic security protocols in place. Many secure phones available today cater to the needs of larger market segments, which can compromise security. KATIM addresses the portion of the population for which security of is paramount,” he added.

KATIM’s operating system includes a bootleader that is secured against unauthorized modifications. It uses a security framework which verifies the authenticity of all downloaded apps, and has a hardware feature that disables its cameras and microphones to stand in the way of potential hackers accessing the phone’s files.

The phone’s default messaging application secures stored photos and files and encrypts calls and messages that expire after a scheduled timeframe. KATIM similarly enjoys a remote management system, which enables its manufacturers’ support staff to remotely remove malicious apps and bugs from the phone and even self-destruct the phone’s data if any real threats are detected.

“The four elements to KATIM’s security are the KATIM Phone, KATIM OS, KATIM Secure communications application suite and KATIM Cyber Command Centre. Together, these form a unique and ultra-secure system that is the most secure communications suite available today,” DarkMatter said in a statement, adding that the phone will begin shipping to qualified customers from the fourth quarter of 2017.

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