In today’s age of enhanced interconnectivity, increased online searches and mobile device obsession, your online presence is a customer’s first interaction with your brand. Increasing your company’s online visibility is imperative to its continued success.

But many organizations still fail to take advantage of ever increasing digital marketing opportunities. The Internet’s far reach is a great form of advertisement. While it takes time to build traffic, your company’s website will have a worthwhile impact.

The right digital marketing strategies can have a major impact on your website’s traffic and revenue. The following five alternative tactics include areas of potential impact to supercharge your online visibility, increase your revenue, and help your business reach new segments of your target audience.

1- Use outgoing links to lift your search engine ranking

For a very long time, the general consensus among SEO analysts has been that outbound links dilute your site’s authority. In the past, Google has confirmed the benefits of creating outbound links on your website, including helping your site’s credibility and offering your readers unique commentary. But despite this, SEOs were still against them.

Why? Because of Google’s PageRank algorithm.

It was perpetually perceived that the more outbound links your website had, the more PageRank your site gave away, diminishing your site’s ranking as a result.

To prove that outgoing links to relevant resources can have the same positive impact as incoming links in building your site’s authority and increasing your visibility, the team at Reboot Online decided to put this theory to the test.

They applied a controlled SEO test to experiment with the effects of outbound links. The results? Their study found that websites with outbound links outperformed and outranked those without them.

Reboot Online’s study proved that outgoing links are effective tools when the followed link relates to a reputable source. With Google’s recent announcement that the top-three factors in determining a web page’s ranking include links, outgoing links have reinforced themselves as a powerful tool for your brand’s online visibility.

So, use those outbound links often. But consider the sources of your outbound links: Ensure that they are also well-linked, reputable and technically sound pages. Most importantly, always keep your audience in mind when using outbound links — the linked page must be both relevant and beneficial to them.

2- Win higher rankings using your competitors’ broken pages

As I’ve touched on previously, links are a top factor for Google in determining a web page’s ranking. Every successful digital marketing campaign will address the importance of building backlinks for SEO.

If you’re struggling to attract high-quality backlinks for your site, then consider the broken-link building method. An uncommon SEO strategy, the broken-link method allows you to steal quality white hat links and rankings from your competitor’s site to your own.

To start, find the relevant error (404) pages on your competitors’ websites. I recommend using the Google Chrome plugin “Check my Links” or Screaming Frog SEO Spider. This will give you the 404 pages that your competitor is neglecting.

Take your list of error pages and run them through Ahrefs backlink tool to find every website that is linking to the error page. Next, reach out to the webmaster of those websites and introduce yourself. Recommend other appropriate alternatives to the broken pages, including links to your own website.

This will enable your site to create one-way backlinks while building relationships with authoritative webmasters of third-party sites.

3- Note the importance of testimonials to get links and exposures

There’s not one company I know (big or small) that doesn’t love to show off the praise they’ve received from happy customers. No matter the company’s caliber, they all benefit from positive endorsements to increase conversion rate. One of the best ways to generate more sales, increase social media interaction, or grow your newsletter subscribers is to make the right use of testimonials.

But don’t focus only on getting testimonials; focus on giving them, too — giving testimonials is one of the best ways I know to build your personal brand and win links from high authority pages. After all, many websites put their testimonials right up front on their site’s homepage.

If there are products or services you use — and would be happy to endorse — consider giving them a testimonial.

Here’s how to use testimonials to obtain backlinks and possible traffic back to your website.

First, make a list of all the products, services, books, courses, etc. you’ve purchased in the last few years. Your home and office are good starting points in helping you build a list.

Next, note down the websites for these products or services and use these search operators in Google to precisely define the pages on their sites where testimonials are displayed. Here are a few to try: “testimonials” “praise” “what our customers say”

When you’ve found the right pages, use a browser add-on like “No Follow”. This will allow you to check if the testimonials link to the customer’s site using a full follow link.

Find those that do, as they will be your primary targets.

When you’ve compiled your list of pages, the last step is to write your testimonial and send it off to the site.

Be sure to mention that you’d be happy to have your write-up displayed on their website with a backlink to your site so visitors can see the trustworthiness of your testimonial. This will allow your target site to build customer trust while you link build with an authoritative site.

A simple, yet creative way to win powerful links.

4- Maximize your day-to-day email with a super signature

Email messages sent to subscribers, customers, teammates and friends on a day to day basis are a great marketing tool.

While you may already be using your own email signature to provide information about your business (linking to your website), you can take it to the next level with a super signature.

Sitting below your traditional email signature, your super signature is the postscript section of your email. It can serve to elevate your email signature by increasing traffic and conversions to your site. This is done by using your super signature as a way to promote your business’s current offers.

To maximize this opportunity, knowing your audience is key. Your super signature must be tailored according to your target customer base. Understanding what your audience wants can help you direct them to the desired action.

Your super signature can be used to prompt your audience and give them the impression that they’re taking the initiative to follow through on your offers. Identify your best performing offers and use your super signature to get your readers further interested.

Don’t forget to include calls-to-action. This will encourage your email readers to engage with your brand.

5- Buy advertising space on post-purchase thank-you pages

Customers who have made their way to a website’s thank-you page are some of the most valuable visitors you can advertise to.

Not only has the website built enough credibility to funnel a customer into making a purchase, but they’ve also done something right to persuade an order. A thank-you page is the perfect time to request additional communication.

Chances are, you’ve never thought about buying advertising space on a company’s thank-you page. But a company’s thank-you page is the prime location to promote your business. The business has already convinced them to order. The hard work is done. These proven buyers and action takers are primed for an invitation to connect with your business.

I recommend targeting websites with high visitor counts and spending on paid traffic and websites with complementary but non-competing offers. For example, a catering service may benefit from buying advertising space on the thank-you page of a wedding venue. Pick websites with a large budget on paid advertising. This means they convert a good chunk of their traffic, leading to more motivated buyers seeing your advertisement.

Get creative when crafting your advertising deal. Most companies have never thought of selling advertising space on their thank-you landing page. This is a lucrative opportunity to capture a deal that works with your marketing budget. Offer creative solutions to promote your business: monthly rental, cost-per-lead, or even affiliate commissions.

When it comes to supercharging your online visibility, employing these five (unusual) tactics makes your brand highly recognizable, and authentic. It gives your business a powerful reach to engage your existing customers, attract new ones, and improve your conversion rates.

James Reynolds, Founder of Veravo which consists of SEO Sherpa and Click Jam