America’s top female entrepreneurs have shattered ceilings and scaled new heights, creating companies and building fortunes in everything from genetic testing to aerospace. Increasingly these self-made starters are tapping social media to cement their brands and build businesses ever more quickly. That in turn has helped the nation’s most successful women become richer than ever before.

The combined net worth of the top 60 self-made women is now a record $71 billion, 15% more than in 2017. The minimum net worth to make Forbes’ fourth annual ranking of these top women jumped 23% to a record $320 million. Twenty-four of these women are billionaires, another record, up from 18 last year.

Seven newcomers joined the ranks (6 from California), including 4 Instagram-savvy makeup moguls. The richest of these new faces is billionaire Anastasia Soare, whose cosmetics company Anastasia Beverly Hills, best known for beautifying eyebrows, now has more than 17 million followers on Instagram. The youngest is Kylie Jenner, who turns 21 in August. Half-sister of Kim Kardashian West, who is also on the list for the first time, Jenner has leveraged her massive social media following (110 million followers on Instagram) to build a $900 million cosmetics fortune in less than three years. That makes her worth more than twice as much as her more famous sister.

At No. 1 is Diane Hendricks, a Wisconsin billionaire who owns ABC Supply, one of the largest wholesale distributors of roofing, siding and windows in America. While the vast majority of list members hail from California—27 altogether—the top three, including Hendricks, Little Caesars’ Marian Ilitch and Epic Software’s Judy Faulkner, all hail from the Midwest.

Altogether 17 list members made their fortunes in fashion and retail, 7 of whom peddle cosmetics and skin care products. Another 13 including Facebook’s Sheryl Sandberg built fortunes in technology, while 10 including Oprah Winfrey and Taylor Swift made it in media and entertainment.

Fourteen of the top 60 women entrepreneurs were born outside of the U.S. including Eren Ozmen, the majority owner of aerospace and defense business Sierra Nevada Corp. who is now gambling hundreds of millions to take on Elon Musk and others in space. Ozmen arrived from Turkey in her 20s and held down several part-time jobs while attending business school, selling homemade baklava at a bakery and even working as a night janitor at Sierra Nevada, years before she and her husband bought it.

RankNameNet WorthAgeSourceState
#1Diane Hendricks$4.9 B71RoofingWisconsin
#2Marian Ilitch$4.3 B85Little CaesarsMichigan
#3Judy Faulkner$3.5 B74Health ITWisconsin
#4Meg Whitman$3.3 B61eBayCalifornia
#5Johnelle Hunt$3.2 B86TruckingArkansas
#6Oprah Winfrey$3.1 B64TV showsCalifornia
#7Judy Love$3 B81Retail & gas stationsOklahoma
#8Doris Fisher$2.8 B86GapCalifornia
#9Elaine Wynn$2.6 B76Casinos, hotelsNevada
#10Lynda Resnick$2.4 B75AgricultureCalifornia
#11Thai Lee$2 B59IT providerTexas
#12Sheryl Sandberg$1.55 B48FacebookCalifornia
#13Jin Sook Chang$1.5 B55Fashion retailCalifornia
#13Kathy Fields$1.5 B60Skin care productsCalifornia
#13Katie Rodan$1.5 B63Skin care productsCalifornia
#16Peggy Cherng$1.4 B70Fast foodNevada
#16Gail Miller$1.4 B74Car dealershipsUtah
#18Jayshree Ullal$1.35 B57TechnologyCalifornia
#19Eren Ozmen$1.3 B59AerospaceNevada
#19Alice Schwartz$1.3 B92BiotechCalifornia
#21Sara Blakely$1 B47SpanxGeorgia
#21Carolyn Rafaelian$1 B51JewelryRhode Island
#21Neerja Sethi$1 B63IT consulting, outsourcingFlorida
#21Anastasia Soare$1 B60CosmeticsCalifornia
#25Christel DeHaan$940 M75Time sharesIndiana
#26Weili Dai$930 M56SemiconductorsNevada
#27Kylie Jenner$900 M20CosmeticsCalifornia
#28Kit Crawford$850 M59Clif Bar & CoCalifornia
#29Tory Burch$800 M52FashionNew York
#30Sheila Johnson$760 M69Cable TVVirginia
#31Nancy Zimmerman$750 M55Hedge fundsMassachusetts
#32Safra Catz$740 M56SoftwareCalifornia
#33Anne Dinning$640 M55Hedge fundNew York
#34Vera Wang$630 M69Fashion RetailNew York
#35Marissa Mayer$600 M43Google, YahooCalifornia
#36Madonna$590 M59MusicNew York
#37Huda Kattan$550 M34Cosmetics
#38Mary West$510 M72TelemarketingCalifornia
#38Victoria Zoellner$510 M75Hedge fundNew Jersey
#40Theresia Gouw$500 M46California
#40Kendra Scott$500 M44JewelryTexas
#42Susan Wojcicki$480 M50GoogleCalifornia
#43Donna Karan$470 M69FashionNew York
#44Jamie Kern Lima$440 M40CosmeticsCalifornia
#44Anne Wojcicki$440 M44DNA testingCalifornia
#46Celine Dion$430 M50MusicNevada
#46Adi Tatarko$430 M45Home designCalifornia
#48Judy Sheindlin$400 M75TVFlorida
#48Barbra Streisand$400 M76MusicCalifornia
#50Nora Roberts$390 M67BooksMaryland
#51Kathy Lehne$380 M56OilTexas
#51Therese Tucker$380 M56California
#53Beyoncé Knowles$355 M36MusicCalifornia
#54Janice Bryant Howroyd$350 M65StaffingNevada
#54Kim Kardashian West$350 M37Reality TV, Mobile GamingCalifornia
#54Danielle Steel$350 M70BooksCalifornia
#57Martine Rothblatt$340 M63pharmaceuticalsFlorida
#58Liz Elting$330 M52Translation servicesNew York
#58Jessica Iclisoy$330 M52Organic baby productsCalifornia
#60Taylor Swift$320 M28MusicTennessee