A rare copy of the menu of the first meal served on the Titanic during her sea trials dated April 2, 1912, is expected to fetch around $114,000– $142,000 at an auction to be held next Saturday on April 21, 2018.

The menu was owned by Second Officer Charles Lightoller, the highest ranking surviving officer from the Titanic.

During this day the crew and the officers enjoyed their first meal on board the ship. The menu featured roast chicken, spring lamb and salmon.

While lunch was being served in the main dining saloon the vessel was put at dead slow. Following lunch, the major stopping test was conducted.

It is believed that only one other copy of the April 2nd menu survives and it belonged to Titanic’s Fifth Officer Harold Lowe. He reportedly wrote a notation at the bottom “This is first meal ever served on board”. His son Henry Aldridge sold this menu 14 years ago but the bottom of the Lowe menu was removed. So this is believed to be the only complete example.

This menu is one of the most important examples of its type in existence today. Titanic sank in the Atlantic Ocean on April 14 after the liner hit an iceberg killing more than 1,500 people.