Meetings are inevitable in a corporate, but studies have indicated that over the course of time, productivity has reduced due to the inefficiency of meeting room engagement.

According to a recent study conducted by Barco ClickShare, nearly one third of employees across the globe find more than half of their meetings useless. About 67% of global respondents and 55% in the U.A.E. are regularly irritated by technical glitches losing focus in the middle of meetings, the poll showed.

Globally, more than 38% of people access social media in the middle of meetings, while in the U.A.E., almost 80% of respondents regularly check emails and close to 30% access social media.

While food is a major distraction during meetings, 45% of the U.A.E. employees admit having dozed off in the middle of meetings. The Barck Clickshare study also found that more than half of professionals attend business meetings to get free food and are highly distracted by the presence of food in meeting rooms.

Glitches in the technical support system, lack of engaging content and the presence of food in the meeting room have impacted the ineffectiveness of employees present in the meeting.

Lieven Bertier, Head of Go to Market Strategy and Services Meeting Experience at Barco said, “The success of a meeting is determined by a variety of different factors. These include having the right technology at the beginning of the meeting to ensure a seamless flow of information, controlling the meeting room environment such as the serving of food, meeting room layout, and disturbances caused by lateness and work device usage.”

The study, which surveyed about 2,250 professionals from the U.A.E., the U.K., the U.S., Germany and France, have analyzed their experiences in meetings. The EEG brain mapping technology was used to test the psychological responses on meeting room scenarios.