200 Most Powerful Arab Women – 2014: Government

200 Most Powerful Arab Women - 2014:  Government

In developing this ranking we considered and analyzed each government in the MENA region before identifying specific individuals. We then contacted those shortlisted and requested all relevant information, while also consulting official government websites and public documents to ensure an accurate ranking.
1.  The individual’s role in influencing revenues and budget;
2.  Degree of power associated with their position;
3.  Economic indicators of the country—World Bank’s KAM Index, GDP and GDP per capita; and
4.  Length of time in their position.

1Sheikha Lubna Bint Khalid Al QasimiUAEMinister for International Cooperation & Development / President of Zayed University
2Dr Rawya Al-BusaidiOmanMinister of Higher Education
3Hind Subaih Al-SubaihKuwaitMinister of Social Affairs & Labour / Minister of State for Planning & Development Affairs
4Dr Fatima Mohamed Al BalooshiBahrainMinister of Social Development
5Dr Hessa Al JaberQatarMinister of Information & Communications Technology
6Sheikha Mai Bint Mohammed Al KhalifaBahrainMinister of Culture
7Dr Madiha Al ShaibaniOmanMinister of Education
8Zohra DerdouriAlgeriaMinister of Post, Information Technology & Communication
9Dr Naglaa El EhwanyEgyptMinister of International Cooperation
10Maryam Mohammed Al RoumiUAEMinister of Social Affairs
11Dr. Lina ShbeebJordanMinister of Transport
12Reem Mamdouh Abu HassanJordanMinister of Social Development
13Dr Maitha Salem AlshamsiUAEMinister of State / Chairwoman of the Marriage Fund
14Reem Ebrahim Al HashimyUAEMinister of State
15Noria Yamina ZerhouniAlgeriaMinister of Tourism & Handicrafts
16Nadia LabidiAlgeriaMinister of Culture
16Samira Ebrahim bin RajabBahrainMinister of State for Information Affairs / Official Government Spokesperson
18Ghada WalyEgyptMinister of Social Solidarity
19Fatema MarouanMoroccoMinister of Handicrafts, Social & Solidarity Economy
20Alice ChabtiniLebanonMinister of Displaced Persons
21Dr. Lana MamkeghJordanMinister of Culture
22Bassima HakkaouiMoroccoMinister of Solidarity, Women, Family & Social Development
23Najlaa HaroushTunisiaMinister of Commerce & Traditional Industries
24Dalila BoudjemaaAlgeriaMinister of Planning & the Environment
25Nahed AshryEgyptMinister of Manpower
26Mounia MeslemAlgeriaMinister of National Solidarity & Family
27Nadia RawabdehJordanDirector General of Social Security Corporation
27Hunaina Sultan Al-MughairyOmanAmbassador to the United States
29Amel KarboulTunisiaMinister of Tourism
29Laila IskanderEgyptMinister of State for Urban Development
31Nouria Benghabrit-RemaounAlgeriaMinister of National Education
32Najla Mohammed Al AwarUAESecretary General of the Ministry of Cabinet Affairs
33Dr. Amat Al-Razak Ali HummadYemenMinister of Social Affairs & Labor
34Ekram Abdelsalam Bash EmamLibyaMinister of Tourism
34Nora Bint Abdullah Al-FayezKSADeputy Minister of Education (girls education affairs)
36Hooria Mashhor AhmedYemenMinister of Human Rights
37Dr Jawhara Hamoud ThabetYemenMinister of State for Cabinet Affairs
38AlgeriaMinister Delegate at the Ministry of Tourism & Handicrafts
39Mbarka BouaidaMoroccoMinister Delegate to the Minister of Foreign Affairs & Cooperation
40Soumiya BenkhaldounMoroccoMinister Delegate to the Minister of Higher Education , Scientific Research & Executive Training
41Dr Bahiya Jawad AljishiBahrainSecond Deputy Chairwoman of Shura Council
42Hakima El HitiMoroccoMinister Delegate to the Minister of Energy, Mining, Water & Environment, for the Environment
42Charafat AfilalMoroccoMinister Delegate to the Minister of Energy, Mining, Water & the Environment, for Water
44Dr Hayat SindiKSAMember of Shura Council
45Tahani Al GebaliEgyptMember of the Supreme Council of Culture
46Dr Shaikha Salim Saleem Al- MusallamiOmanChairperson of the Social Committee of the State Council
47Maitha Al MahrouqiOmanUndersecretary at the Ministry of Tourism
48Lyutha Sultan Al-MughairyOmanPermanent Representative to the UN
49Dr Mervat TashkandiKSAAdvisor to the Minister of Labor
50Huda Al AnziKuwaitHead of Tourism Research & Information Department in the Ministry of Trade & Industry
51Fatima Bint Mohammed Al Saeed AlqarniKSAMember of Shura Council
51Hanan Bint Abdulraheem Al AhmadiKSAMember of Shura Council
51Thuraya Ahmed ObeidKSAMember of Shura Council
51Dr Zeinab Mothana Abu TalebKSAMember of Shura Council
51Al- Jawharah Ibrahim Bu-BeshtKSAMember of Shura Council
56Haifa NajjarJordanSenator in The Jordanian Senate
57Elham Bint Mahjoub HasanainKSAMember of Shura Council
58Hind Al- FayezJordanMember of The House of The Representatives
59Neila ShaabanTunisiaSecretary of State for Women & Family Affairs