The Richest People In Cryptocurrency

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In the world of cryptocurrency, fortunes can be made overnight, and the winners of this digital lottery differ from those in previous manias. The shadowy beginnings, at once anarchistic, utopian and libertarian, have drawn an odd lot of pioneers—from antiestablishment cypherpunks and electricity-guzzling “miners” to prescient Silicon Valley financiers and a larger-than-usual assortment of the just plain lucky “hodlers,” the typo-inspired crypto jargon for “buy-and-hold” investors.

Given this universe’s opaqueness and hyper-volatility, we’re presenting Forbes’ first-ever list of the richest people in cryptocurrency in net-worth estimates in ranges. The numbers were based on estimated holdings of cryptocurrencies (a few provided proof), post-tax profits from trading crypto-assets and stakes in crypto-related businesses, and locked in the estimates using prices on Jan. 19, 2018.

It’s a near certainty that we’ve missed some people and that some of Forbes’ estimates are wide of the mark. But this was equally true when we launched the first Forbes 400 list of the wealthiest Americans in 1982. At the time, many people said we couldn’t—or shouldn’t—publish. Forbes did so anyway, firm in the belief that we made the world a better place by shining a light on the invisible rich. And Forbes believes this report on crypto wealth accomplishes the same goal, as Forbes Editor Randall Lane explains in his editor’s letter. Fortunes of this magnitude should never be allowed to lurk in the shadows.

Reported by Pamela Ambler, Angel Au-Yeung, Grace Chung, Jeff Kauflin, Alex Konrad, Laura Shin and Nathan Vardi

ImageNameCrypto Net worthTitleAge
Chris Larsen$7.5bn - $8bnCo-founder, Ripple57
Joseph Lubin$1bn - $5bnCo-founder, Ethereum; Founder, Consensys53
Changpeng "CZ" Zhao$1.1bn - $2bnCEO, Binance41
Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss$900m-$1.1bn eachCo-founders, Winklevoss Capital36
Matthew Mellon$900m - $1bnIndividual investor54
Brian Armstrong$900m - $1bnCEO, Coinbase35
Matthew Roszak$900m - $1bnCo-founder, BIoQ and founder at Tally Capital45
Anthony Di Iorio$750m - $1bnCo-founder at Ethereum and founder at Jaxx and Decentral43
Brock Pierce$700m - $1bnChairman, Bitcoin Foundation and advisor at Block.One37
Michael Novogratz$700m - $1bnCEO, Galaxy Digital53
Brendan Blumer$600m - $700mCEO, Block.one31
Dan Larimer$600m - $700mChief Technmology Officer, Block.one35
Valery Vavilov$500m - $700mCEO, Bitfury38
Charles Hoskinson$500m - $600mCofounder, Ethereum, IOHK30
Brad Garlinghouse$400m - $500mCEO, Ripple47
Barry Silbert$400m - $500mCEO, Digital Currency Group41
Vitalik Buterin$400m - $500mCreator of Ethereum24
Tim Draper$350m - $500mFounder, Draper Associates59
Song Chi-Hyung$350m - $500mCEO, Dunamu; Founder, Upbit38