The 50 Most Active Investors In The Arab World


The startup scene in the Arab world continues to boom, culminating this year in several high value deals. These include the acquisition of Souq. com by Amazon, construction major Emaar Malls buying a majority stake in, and Careem raising half a billion dollars from the likes of Rakuten Inc., STC Ventures, Kingdom Holding Company and Daimler.

Investors in the region are also maturing, with corporates and large private companies taking risks and investing in startups. Al Tayyar Travel Group, the largest travel company in the region and Majid Al Futtaim Group, a diversified private company, have both invested in startups recently.

Venture capitalists are also growing in numbers and in size, and although the U.A.E. is still the hub, Lebanon, Egypt and Jordan are also very active.

This year we have compiled three lists to rank the brightest startups and investors across the Arab World. 100 Startups in the Arab World comprises those startups that have championed the most innovative ideas and received the most external funding in the last year. 50 Start-ups to Watch are those who have not yet received big-ticket funding but are looking promising for the future.

And the 50 Most Active Investors ranking recognizes the backers spotting the entrepreneurial talent and helping these businesses thrive through funding.

RankImageNameType of InvestorCountryFME StartupsEstimated Investment
1Wamda CapitalVenture CapitalistU.A.E14$60 M
2MEVPVenture CapitalistU.A.E13$ 119.3 M
3RAED VenturesVenture CapitalistSaudi Arabia9
4Mena Venture InvestmentsAngel InvestorU.A.E8$20 M
5Arzan VCVenture CapitalistKuwait7$ 60 M
6Flat6LabsAcceleratorEgypt7$ 5.3 M
7Beco CapitalVenture CapitalistU.A.E6$ 50 M
8Leap VenturesVenture CapitalistLebanon6$ 40 M
9Jabbar Internet GroupVenture CapitalistU.A.E6
10twofour54AcceleratorU.A.E5$20 M
11Silicon BadiaVenture CapitalistJordan4$60 M
12Al Tayyar CapitalCorporateSaudi Arabia3$ 200 M
13STC VenturesCorporateSaudi Arabia3$50 M
14MBC VenturesVenture CapitalistU.A.E3$25 M
15Siraj FundPrivate EquityPalestine3$10.3 M
16Endeavor CatalystVenture CapitalistU.S.A.3$4.5 M
17Berytech FundVenture CapitalistLebanon2$ 51 M
18Venture SouqVenture CapitalistU.A.E2$5 M
19Hummingbird VenturesVenture CapitalistBelgium2$3 M
20Sadara VenturesVenture CapitalistPalestine3$30 M
21Riyadh Taqnia FundCorporateSaudi Arabia1$100 M
22OqalAngel InvestorSaudi Arabia1$29 M
23Dubai Silicon Oasis FundIncubatorU.A.E9
24Iliad PartnersAcceleratorU.A.E2
25Saudi Aramco's Wa'edAcceleratorSaudi Arabia4
26Oasis 500AcceleratorJordan7$7.4 M
27Cairo AngelsAngel InvestorEgypt7$2 M
28Mobily VenturesCorporateSaudi Arabia4
29Phoenician FundsVenture CapitalistLebanon3$5.3 M
30Saned PartnersVenture CapitalistLebanon4$1.8 M
31DASH VenturesVenture CapitalistJordan2
32IM CapitalAcceleratorLebanon3
33Endure capitalAcceleratorEgypt3
34Maroc Numeric FundVenture CapitalistMorocco2$5.4 M
35Lumia CapitalVenture CapitalistU.S.A.2
36Glowfish CapitalVenture CapitalistU.A.E.2$4 M
37Algebra VenturesVenture CapitalistEgypt2$4 M
38Vostok VenturesVenture CapitalistSweden2
39TenmouAngel InvestorBahrain2$2.7 M
40B&Y Venture PartnersVenture CapitalistLebanon2
41A15Venture CapitalistEgypt2
42Numu CapitalAcceleratorU.A.E2$ 300k
44Jisr Venture PartnersVenture CapitalistU.A.E.1
45Pinnacle VenturesVenture CapitalistU.S.A.1
47El Swedy InvestmentsCorporateEgypt1
48ImpulseVenture CapitalistKuwait1
49IdeavelopersVenture CapitalistEgypt1$25 M
50KAUST Innovation FundIncubatorSaudi Arabia1


Ahmed Mabrouk, Ranju Warrier, Jason Lasrado