In a time when beauty influencers are taking social media by storm and users are following the latest trends via what is being posted online, it is only natural that beauty buyers would turn towards the same online platform for both their exposure and shopping.

According to two studies by Facebook IQ based on a commission with GfK and conversation data from Facebook and Instagram, 88% of beauty buyers in the UAE consider mobile as their main shopping tool, as e-commerce continues to grow as the current big thing.

“Mobile devices and the visual web are making beauty more transparent and accessible than ever before for women in the UAE,” a press release issued by Facebook read.

“This has led to the emergence of real women who are shaping beauty trends alongside established beauty brands and recognized industry experts.”

The studies show that among people surveyed in the UAE, 1.40x more are likely to watch video daily on mobile with 77% of the people surveyed preferring videos under 10 minutes.

“Amidst video consumption, beauty is the most viewed topic in the UAE. Users in this region spend more time watching beauty videos than compared to other countries,” said the release.

The study cut down the numbers as 66% of the surveyed people who are interested in watching beauty trends’ videos are keen on before and after beauty transformation, 74% are interested in beauty haul videos and 53% are looking for beauty unpacking videos.