A majority of people in the Middle East and North Africa remain unbanked, but a recent report by Arabnet, a firm that fosters entrepreneurship in the region, shows that 62% of bank account holders in the region use online or mobile banking.

The biggest adopters are Saudis at 75%, followed closely by Emiratis at 74%. Trailing are Egypt (64%), Lebanon (54%) and Jordan (42%).

Nearly 40% of digital banking customers cited round-the-clock access to their accounts as a key reason for adopting digital banking, while 29% said less wait time, easier access to transactions and follow-up were important factors.

One-third checked their bank statements online on a weekly basis, and as many managed their credit cards and paid their bills at least once a month by logging in.

Still, many people don’t feel comfortable banking online: 40% of account holders prefer dealing directly with customer service, and 29% worry that their transactions might not be secure.