September 11, 2018,   1:00 PM

Facebook Lite Adds Crisis Response Tool Called Community Help

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Social media giant Facebook announced today that it's bringing its disaster response tool called Community Help to Facebook Lite

Facebook Lite, the company's product for people in areas with low connectivity or limited internet, is making Community Help available to people in more than 100 countries, including the MENA region, across UAE, Saudi, Egypt, Morocco, and others

Facebook first launched Community Help last February as a platform aimed at making it easier for people in areas with low connectivity to find and give help such as food, shelter, and transportation after a crisis.

In many areas around the world, networks can be slow and unreliable, meaning that easy access to communication is critical, especially during disasters.

“Our priority is to build tools that provide people with ways to get the help they need to recover and rebuild after a crisis,” Facebook Crisis Response Product Manager Jeong-Suh Choi said. “By making Community Help available on Facebook Lite, even more people can get the help they need in times of crisis.”

Facebook Lite is designed so that it uses less data, installs fast, loads quickly and works on lower-end devices and slower networks.

This latest development follows the launch of Safety Check on Facebook Lite to provide an easier way for people in areas with low connectivity to let friends and family know they are safe following a crisis.

Safety Check was first deployed on 25th April 2015, in the wake of the Nepal earthquake.

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