February 26, 2018,   6:18 PM

Fighting The Cyber Crime

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CTM360, a cybersecurity startup from the Kingdom of Bahrain, looks at the agile perspective of offensive-defense, a mindset that looks to target threats in the attacker’s territory and actively seeks to neutralize threats early in an attack cycle.

Nowadays, cyber criminals have a ready arsenal of tools to deploy against organizations and individuals. Exposed security risks are regularly exploited for financial gain and are also used to enter networks for other nefarious motives. Every modern-day company needs to remain aware, agile and continuously monitor threats coming from the cyber threat landscape.

Since criminals are constantly developing new ways to hack through security lapses in infrastructure and human judgment, the security industry as a whole also needs to keep up. Minimizing incidents from turning into catastrophes remains one of the primary objectives but it is apparent that the security industry is lagging; there is still an element of panic and constant chasing on the part of practitioners and companies. In a novel approach, CTM360’s mentality looks to hunt for and neutralize attack vectors and isolated incidents early; secondly, CTM360’s cyber incident response team continually identifies and rectifies gaps in infrastructure, making threat prevention, hunting and response very effective. CTM360 is also constantly evolving with a deeper understanding of the threat landscape to be one step ahead of cyber criminals.

So what is considered as a cyber crime? Criminal activities carried out with the use of computers and internet for the sole intention of threatening a person, organization or countries’ security and finances. The most common targets for such threats are individuals (often high profile) and companies as they are involved in large sums of money that can be transferred with ease. Cyber criminals may even ruin a person or brand’s reputation if their target is a reputable figure. Overall, with devices and individuals a lot more connected, attacks are a lot easier for any cyber criminal.

Over the past year, there has been an exponential increase in cyber related crimes and attacks over organizations in the Middle East from malware to ransomware. The main reason for this rise in cyber crime is convenience and anonymity; meaning that there is less risk and limitations for criminals. Threats in cyberspace can happen at any moment in time, which if unnoticed can lead to extreme loss for an individual or organization.

With an ecosystem built in the cloud, CTM360 offers a 24x7x365 cyber threat management subscription service for detecting and responding to cyber threats. CTM360’s service modules are fully built in-house striving towards innovation, vigilance and resilience. Even though IT & Information security departments are readily available, an outside-in approach from cyber security firms is needed in order to prevent incidents before they escalate. CTM360’s goal is to ensure that members remain cyber resilient and cyber vigilant and generally a harder target in cyberspace.

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