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March 15, 2019,   8:52 AM

Gamers Get Ready To Welcome Google

Hisham Ibrahim



Image source: Shutterstock

Last November, Google announced that it will be extending its already vast net to capture the multi-billion-dollar gaming industry. For the last few months, the giant has been testing a new controller, designed and developed by Google for its own console—The Yeti Project.

Until now Google has not given away the specifications of the device itself, but the wait will soon be over with the Game Developers Conference 2019 due to get underway in San Francisco on March 18. Google plans to highlight its console to the world at the event.

Google has filed for a patent for its own controller, which is very similar to Sony’s PlayStation Controller in its design. The controller consists of two analog sticks, four action buttons, four direction buttons, four trigger buttons, a start and a home button and a mysterious Google Button combined with a microphone, which is thought to use Google’s Cloud and social services.

Google will not be the first company to add a mic feature to its controller—PlayStation 4 has already done it—but if Google’s supports its Google Assistance services it will be in its own league.

The Yeti Project will support a direct stream for YouTube Gaming as part of Project Stream, and it will also support streaming to other devices within the network the player is using, such as a laptop with Google Chrome Browser or Google Chrome Cast.

Google announced though its Google Developers Blog, that it is trying to offer its different services to video game developers. It is clear with all the technologies and services that Google offers, we can expect some creativity from that developers to integrate these services in a way that might entertain the gamers even more.

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