May 15, 2019,   1:35 PM

Google Might Finally Be Finding Favor Among Automakers. Here's Why.

Hisham Ibrahim


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Credit: Google

Search engine giant Google has announced its latest Android development, but this time it is not fully related to just mobiles or smartphones but dedicated to automobiles and vehicles.

The company announced that it will start developing applications for its new Android Automotive OS.

Firstly, it should be clear that Android Automotive OS (AAOS) is different from Android Auto since the latter is considered a secondary interface in the whole new OS. In Geneva Car show, Google showcased the first look of the system and announced that Volvo will be the first manufacturer to use Android Automotive OS.

Last month, Volvo released its own car, Polestar 2, which operates under Android Automotive OS. The electrical car is considered the first in the world that fully works under the Android Automotive OS. But Volvo is not the only one to use the OS on its cars. Fiat, Nissan, Chrysler, Mitsubishi and other manufacturers had announced that they would use the OS.

Google has announced opening of its Android Automotive OS for app developers, especially for developers like Spotify. It has promised to open the platform in the future for more genres like Maps and Games.

The OS will also have the full support of Google’s services, like Google Assistant and Google Play, where these services will be fully linked with the OS to provide a full cycle of the company’s products to the car owner and operator. What is important to mention is that the new Android Automotive OS is not built on Android Core. Instead it is built on a modified version of a Linux distribution.

After demonstrating efforts to address privacy and cybersecurity, it appears as if the auto manufacturers have started to trust Google’s OS to implement its system on their cars. But the question remains, where else we will see the Android OS?