May 13, 2019,   12:06 PM

How To Stay Competitive In Your Career In The Age Of AI

Elena Agaragimova

I am a talent development specialist, trainer and experienced career consultant. I currently work with various organizations in helping them achieve their talent development goals, as well as professionals who are looking to take their careers to the next level or reinvent their personal brands. FULL BIO

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Technological forces and advancements such as AI, internet of things, machine learning are transforming the world of work today. And they are doing so at a rate that can be challenging to keep up with.

Jobs that did not exist a few years ago are now some of the in-demand jobs in the market, including digital transformation specialists, social media gurus, cyber security specialists, data analysts, and AI experts. The speed of new developments is hard to predict and organizations’ requirements for talent are changing. It is becoming more competitive to attract and maintain good talent.

How can you stay ahead (or at the least with) the curve in this 4th industrial revolution? Below are some tips that will help you stay competitive in the market.

  • Learning is lifelong. Continuous learning and staying up to date on trends, knowledge, and information are essential. Make time to read, write, reflect, learn something new every week. Make time to build and maintain relationships and learn from others, stay up to date on what is happening in different markets.


  • Workplace skills. Soft skills such as leadership, empathy and emotional intelligence skills, among others, will be in more demand as technical skills can be replaced by machine, but soft skills are still needed.


  • Entrepreneurship mindset is key. Having a mindset of someone who is willing to try new things, innovate, and disrupt old ways of thinking will benefit you as more companies are looking for talent that can be creative and lead the way. Gig economy is on the rise and more opportunities are being created for project-based work, freelance gigs, and temporary work assignments.


Whichever industry you are in, make sure you explore what can be disrupting your area of work in the near future and beyond and prepare a plan of how you can ensure you are remaining not only relevant, but also competitive in the job market. We cannot predict or control what the future of work may hold, but we can control and maintain what we do day in and day out to learn, grow, expand our networks, promote ourselves and adjust as many times as necessary.

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