April 14, 2019,   10:40 AM

How To Upgrade Your Personal Software

Sadek El-Assaad

As a business advisor, mentor and coach, Sadek helps entrepreneurs and CEOs in the GCC and MENA region grow. Sadek has more than 27 years’ experience delivering organizational development and management services. FULL BIO


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Thanks to reminders and updates, you’ve probably updated your IOS or Android software in the past week, or your PC software in the past month. But when was the last time you upgraded your own personal software?

A system software upgrade increases the efficiency of your phone or computer, while a personal software upgrade enhances your ability to react to challenges and grow yourself and your business.

Without an upgrade you could be using old habits to find solutions for current problems—at some point, your software will become completely outdated, and you won’t be able to progress at all. So how can you make sure that your personal software doesn’t get rusty?

Continuous learning

While it’s true that we learn from our mistakes, we can avoid those mistakes altogether through continuous learning. No matter what field you are in, there is scope for acquiring new skills.

Every upgrade comes with solutions that are generated as a result of continuous learning. Similarly, as an entrepreneur, CEO or company manager, expanding your knowledge is important to stay on top of things. Only once you constantly learn yourself can you encourage your employees to do the same.

Personal development

You have probably taken a good look at your business or company, the issues you are facing and how to find solutions. But have you ever stopped to take a good look at yourself? Once you have taken a long look, you will most likely find several areas of improvement.

It is difficult to unearth your strengths and weaknesses on your own. but we can strive to be the best versions of ourselves. How can we do this? By finding effective ways to develop our essential personal traits, whether it is undergoing leadership training or polishing your sales skills.

Working with experts

Doing things on your own may not get you where you want to be. On the other hand, an expert can guide you on best business strategies and techniques that are not only time-tested but also effective. By working with a business coach and mentor you may find out things about yourself that were invisible before. An expert eye can discern the cracks in your software and guide you on how to fix them.

Studies suggest that those who are successful take out at least 20 days per year to work on developing themselves. As humans we have the knack to finish our required set of tasks in a systematic manner, but the difference between simply performing tasks and doing them well, lies in the effectiveness of your personal software.  

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