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July 19, 2018,   11:00 AM

HTC Develops World's First Blockchain Phone

Farah Al-Toukhi


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Smartphone developer HTC announced that it is developing the world's first blockchain based smartphone known as The Exodus.

By being a blockchain technology device, this phone will be the first to have decentralized applications and security. This could mean more device and user identity security due to the technology's nature of being resistant to data modification.

“In the new internet age people are generally more conscious about their data, this a perfect opportunity to empower the user to start owning their digital identity," said HTC’s Chief Crypto Officer Phil Chen. "The Exodus is a great place to start because the phone is the most personal device, and it is also the place where all your data originates from. I’m excited about the opportunity it brings to decentralize the internet and reshape it for the modern user."

HTC has already made some efforts within the blockchain space through their involvement in cryptocurrencies and their partnership with blockchain game "Cryptokitties". This feature would only be made available on select HTC devices. The intent of the partnership was to create a non- fungible, collectible marketplace and crypto gaming app store, according to HTC.

“We understand the potential of digital scarcity and uniqueness. With Exodus, HTC aims to be a general blockchain asset marketplace. We are here to invite all developers to distribute their blockchain game, collectible and NFT concept through us. We believe there is a paradigm shift and the pendulum is swinging back to ownership and the value of content,” added Chen.

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