May 19, 2019,   1:14 PM

Innovation Is The Heart Of Education

Waleed Hmidan

Waleed is a filmmaker with a dozen short films in his filmography, some of which have been featured... FULL BIO

Omid Honari, Head of Global Government & Institutional Partnerships, Navitas, joined us for our Forbes Higher Education Awards event. On the sidelines, he spoke to us about his perspective on the future of the sector and what makes his institute unique.

“Navitas is a truly global, truly diversified provider of education and education services to students around the world. When I say 'diversified' I mean we do many different things with a foot print that spans all across the globe, from our partnerships here in Dubai with Murdoch University Dubai to SAE Creative Media Institute, to our university pathway programs in over three dozen universities across the world.

"Navitas works very hard and intuitively at partnering with universities and tutoring institutions to provide the students of tomorrow with exactly what they need to get a world class education and prepare them for the workforce and to be innovative global citizens in tomorrow’s world.

"To me, the very concept that’s at the heart of education, is innovation. So, if we view education as a standard, traditional and stagnant thing, we – as providers of education – will fall behind because there’s no way that we'll keep up with the times and the needs of the students of tomorrow. So, the reality is, education needs to innovate in order to equip the global citizen to continue to innovate and to expand their horizons, the horizons of their cities, societies, countries and the world.

"I think the most fascinating thing that’s happening in global education right now is were always looking for new corners to discover, new concepts to explore and new ways of engaging with young people and people who are seeking knowledge and self-betterment through education.”

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