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September 19, 2019,   5:14 PM

Instagram To Enforce Tighter Restrictions Cosmetic Procedures And Diet Products Posts

Samar Khouri


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Instagram has announced it will be placing tighter restrictions on promotional weight loss and cosmetic procedure-related posts in an effort to ensure that it is not promoting unrealistic body goals among users.

From Wednesday, some monetary posts that promote products to shed weight or that promote other cosmetic changes associated with links or codes to purchase will be prohibited to users under the age of 18. Other posts that make so-called "miraculous claims" will also be removed from Instagram and its parent company, Facebook, completely.

This new policy comes after concerns about the damaging impact it can have on young people’s body image and mental and physical health.

Actor and British TV presenter Jameela Jamil is one of many people to voice her concerns on these ads for encouraging a toxic diet and detox culture.

Known to be vocal about societal issues that involve body image, she founded the I Weigh movement on Instagram and has previously called out celebrities and influencers for promoting diet products and their messages to their massive following.

Jamil previously sparked an internet debate for calling out Khloe Kardashian's sponsored post on a Flat Tummy Tea's meal-replacement shake earlier this year.

Other celebrities have been seen following along in publicly endorsing weight-loss products, namely Cardi B, Kylie Jenner and Iggy Azalea. Last year, reality TV star Kim Kardashian prompted fierce criticism for an appetite suppressant lollipop, drawing a negative message for her young followers.

Following the announcement of Instagram's new, Jamil took to Twitter to celebrate the new diet product policy.

“A HUGE DAY! A MAJOR STEP IN THE FIGHT WITH THE DIRTY SIDE OF THE DIET/DETOX INDUSTRY!!! Influencers best watch yourselves...” she tweeted.

Instagram is a go-to place for sellers to promote their products and it has a growing influencer market. The new policy hopes to help provide a safe and healthy space for users.

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