May 28, 2019,   2:25 PM

Integrating Technology With Modern Curriculums Drives Success

Waleed Hmidan

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Niranjan Jayakumar, VP and Head at Manipal Academy of Higher Education joined us for our Forbes Higher Education Awards event. On the sidelines, he spoke to us about his perspective on the future of the sector and what makes his institute unique.

“What makes Manipal special is that we do ordinary things extraordinarily well, we believe in going the extra mile to make our students smile. I think we listen well to our students and customers and we work towards what they want. It's about understanding expectations and then going beyond these expectations. That’s what makes us special.

"I think the education sector is evolving at a rapid pace. Today, I think we are more driven by outcomes, employability is a key factor driving that so curriculum design to match industry needs is key.

"Technology is playing a huge role in how the sector is evolving, and those who immerse technology in the way they deliver, are the ones who are really driving excellence.”

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