May 14, 2019,   1:28 PM

Kaspersky Looks To Grow In The Middle East As Cyber Security Market Matures

Waleed Hmidan

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At the Kaspersky Lab Cyber Security weekend held in South Africa in April, we spoke to Amir Kanaan, Managing Director for Kaspersky Lab in the Middle East, Turkey and Africa. He explained Kasperskys mission to combat cyber attacks in the region and gave advice on how to protect oneself from these attackers.

"The Middle East, Turkey and Africa is a focus region for Kaspersky Lab. Our intention is to grow our revenue in all the region, we are investing and growing in this region, last year we grew by 27%, and this incites us to grow more and invest in employees and different offices in the region.

The threats will not decease, they will increase. So, the most important aim is to spread awareness, everyone should be aware about cyber security and the dangers surrounding it, they must know what they need to protect themselves so spreading awareness is a big aim of ours, which we carry out by having events such as the one we are in, where many journalists will shed light about cyber security and we provided many presentations all to raise awareness.

Awareness is the start, and the most important part of protecting yourself and them comes products and services. Our growth shows that we provide good products and services to serve the region.

Always be careful, if you were never cyber attacked that does not mean it will not happen to you in the future, you must protect yourself. It is very important to have security on every device you have, even your mobile devices. Android, for example, has one of the most increasing malware threat landscape, which means that cyber criminals are really interested in targeting Android users.

Don’t wait for the disaster to happen to protect yourself, take action now by having security products on your mobile devices and having a long password and changing it on a regular basis.”