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Carlos Reyes And Sal Shakir Launch “All In Entrepreneurs” Events And Podcast

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Carlos Reyes And Sal Shakir Launch “All In Entrepreneurs” Events And Podcast

Over the last four years, Carlos Reyes and Sal Shakir have built their company—National Cash Offer—into a real estate empire, while at the same time-sharing strategies that have helped people start and scale their own businesses.

In February 2019, they decided it was time to take that advice to the next level by launching an immersive event called “All In Momentum”, with tickets going for $5,000. This two-day fully immersive event educated experienced real estate entrepreneurs on how to further scale their business by teaching them about how to find off-market discounted properties, virtual wholesaling, market expansion, winning in a downward market, partnership principles, niche marketing strategies, rvm strategies, cold calling, text blast strategies, digital marketing and much more.

The success stories from the event created so much buzz, that beginners in the industry began asking for an opportunity to learn more so that they could someday afford that $5,000 price tag.

Reyes and Shakir accepted the challenge by launching their podcast, “All In Entrepreneurs”, where they their insights for free. “We understand what it’s like to start with nothing and we want to genuinely help everyone pursuing a better life for themselves and their family,” says Shakir.

The podcast, which launched on Facebook, YouTube and Apple Podcasts, is already generating thousands of views and shares on Facebook and has established itself as a top 100 business podcast on the charts. All In Entrepreneurs focuses on real estate, but also includes basic business principles that have helped Carlos Reyes and Sal Shakir start over 22 successful businesses.

Both come from humble backgrounds. When Shakir moved to the US he knew little to no English while working many jobs including painting, plumbing and working as a Civilian Trainer in the US military. Reyes has a similar background.

“I actually came to this country illegally as a young boy. I was raised by a single mother who worked two minimum wage jobs to support her three kids,” Reyes remembers. “I started off washing dishes and worked in a corporate job for over 14 years before leaving to start National Cash Offer with Sal.

“Our goal is to help other people change their lives through real estate and entrepreneurship. We want to show other immigrants and people from all backgrounds that they can make it if they have the right mindset and work ethic.”

While the podcast provides great insights into their businesses, Reyes and Shakir also understand that immersive, in-person events are even more valuable than a podcast could ever be.

They recently launched an event called “All In Freedom”, teaching new real estate entrepreneurs how to start and scale a real estate business. The first event was held on June 7th-8th in their hometown of Phoenix, Arizona. Over 400 aspiring real estate entrepreneurs were in attendance, where they watched Reyes, Shakir and partner Alex Saenz discuss in-depth strategies to get started—a position they themselves were in just four years ago.

All In Entrepreneurs is revolutionizing how both entrepreneurs and experts are learning their craft and scaling their real estate businesses. Their goal is and always has been, to help every person change their lives if they want it bad enough. By releasing free podcasts and live Facebook videos, holding interactive events and answering questions on Instagram, they are set on providing value for anyone no matter what level they are at in their career.

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