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Chris Frederick Partners With Global Child

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Chris Frederick Partners With Global Child

If you’ve been looking to travel with a purpose and you love amazing experiences and world travel unlike anything you’ve ever seen, you might just be a Global Child.

Global Child is the next generation world travel show airing on Amazon Prime Video and major airlines, where Augusto Valverde explores the world through top experiences as he shares life lessons with the help of international influencers, social media and local communities.

What made Global Child an international hit is that Valverde shares the journey with major talent and together they travel with a purpose: discovering the best experiences each place has to offer with the help of the most luxurious hotel brands in the world, while also giving back in a tangible way to the people and communities they encounter. Every episode is a unique life lesson that they discover organically together, such as empathy, courage or generosity.

So far Global Child has been filmed in 20 countries featuring over 35 hotels like the Oberoi, Taj Palace, Four Seasons and Ritz Carlton. They’ve also sponsored a leper colony of 60+ people in India with food for an entire year, they’ve visited orphanages in Greece, and brought medical care in east Africa to more than 3,000 people. Global Child merges experiencing the best while also encouraging others to be their best by giving back and inspiring others.

“I feel that we don’t have to choose between the best experiences, luxury and giving back. Ultimately the show was designed to inspire through the uplifting life lessons we share and since giving back is the best thing we can do in life, we figure out to ways to do it while we travel. We’re cultural ambassadors and that’s why we named the show Global Child; no matter our race or religion we are part of one global family,” says Valverde, formerly a television host from NBC Universal.

Global Child features incredible moments of adventure, such as in Tanzania where Valverde climbed Kilimanjaro, the tallest mountain in Africa. Or moments of great luxury, like a fantastic Indian royal wedding along with a stay at the renowned Taj Lake Palace, or like racing horses at a medieval castle in the Irish countryside or scuba-diving in the Maldives.

Global Child merges the exploration aspect of travel with the educational, inspirational and spiritual. Destinations featured include Sweden, Japan, Australia, Mexico, San Francisco, Peru, Argentina, Russia and Brazil. If Bourdain did observation narration, Valverde excels at inspirational narration. Why should you care? Purpose-driven travel and giving back are the new trends in millennial audiences; and it looks like Global Child answered the call.

Global Child became the first TV travel show to launch on 10 major airlines globally in 2017, with partners such as Iberia, British Airways, Delta, Cathay, LATAM, Thai Airways, Royal Jordanian and SAS.

Recently, Valverde joined forces with Peter Taunton, creator of Snap Fitness, to develop the Global Child project and brand. The Global Child team and Chris Frederick struck a strategic partnership deal to boost and develop the social media angle of the brand through @GlobalChildTV and Frederick’s impressive marketing acumen.  Frederick is an expert social media marketer who is marketing the show to online audiences by teaching them how traveling can serve a greater purpose, along with friend, marketing mastermind and world traveler, Alex Moeller, who introduced Frederick to Valverde.

“Every episode features a give back component, but they also embrace luxury and adventure while featuring top influencers. That really set them apart from all the other travel content and we knew that together we could build this already amazing travel show into a top travel brand that helped to positively shift the travel business landscape worldwide,” says Frederick. Frederick has helped Global Child to boost their online presence to reach millions of new fans.

Now the team is gearing up to set off to explore the world again for Season 3 and audiences are looking forward to join them on the journey. You can follow Chris on Instagram on @christhunder13_ and Global Child on @globalchildtv.


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