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August 4, 2019,   4:29 PM

Make Your Website Mobile-friendly Or Get Demoted By Google

Hisham Ibrahim


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All businesses now know the importance of having an online presence and a decent website to promote your business online, but is it enough?

Google says no, it is not. Your website should now be mobile-friendly too. In May, the Google Webmaster Central Blog announced that the search engine would be introducing mobile-first indexing for websites new to Google after July 1, effectively demoting websites that do not support mobile view or have a dedicated mobile website.

In 2018, 58% of websites visits were made from smartphones or tablets, taking up 42% of total time spent on the internet, according to a study by Perficient Digital. Judging by these figures, if a business does not have a mobile-compatible website, they are losing 58% of users, who could also be potential customers.

A study back in 2013 by Google and Nielsen showed that 73% of mobile searches trigger a follow up action, either by making a phone call, visiting the shop or requesting the service.

Many businesses still do not support or have mobile-friendly websites, but with advances in technology meaning that many frameworks can support mobile versions as easily as normal websites, creating one is the next significant and logical step.

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