May 12, 2019,   1:06 PM

Middlesex University Aims For 100% Employability For Its Students | Forbes Higher Education Awards

Waleed Hmidan

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Cedwyn Fernandes, Pro - Vice ChancellorDirector of Middlesex University Dubai, joined us for our Forbes Higher Education Awards event. On the sidelines, he spoke to us about his perspective on the future of the sector and what makes his institute unique.

“What makes Middlesex University really unique is that we have some of the best faculty in the region, we provide a top-class quality UK education in Dubai. Our students are 100% employable, we make sure that they have the right professional certifications, the internships, workshops and industry interactions. But most of all, Middlesex University gives students a total and fantastic university experience.

The education sector in the MENA region is really booming, and one of the reasons is that the countries in the region are going through an economic upsurge, which makes our youth in the region aspire for top quality education.

Apart from that, international students from all over the world are looking at the UAE and Dubai as a secure and safe place for quality education plus the employability which the country provides. And that is why the future of higher education in the region is extremely bright.”