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July 7, 2019,   5:17 PM

Never Giving Up Is Key For Indian Entrepreneurs

Waleed Hmidan

Waleed is a filmmaker with a dozen short films in his filmography, some of which have been featured... FULL BIO

Suresh Vaidhyanathan, Group CFO of GA Group Holdings, joined us for our Top Indian Leaders gala and revealed on the sidelines what drives him to succeed as an Indian entrepreneur in Dubai.

"Dubai has been a great platform for Indian businessmen in particular, right from the initial stages where the relationship between Dubai and India started and flourished towards the years.

"Since I came here 22 years ago, I've seen Dubai grow from a desert into the flourishing city that it is right now. We indians have been a part of this success.

"The lesson I have learned from my journey is to keep fighting in the city. Dubai has gone through ups and downs but  has always succeeded in the end thanks to the leadship of Dubai. It is important to be patient, perseverent and hopeful."

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