July 17, 2019,   3:16 PM

Practical Experience Boosts Educational Gains

Waleed Hmidan

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We met with Zaher Abou Khashbeh, Educational Technologist from The Makers Hub, at SmartEx Lebanon, where he explained how practical experience boosts educational gains.

"We work with kids from ages seven and up on educational projects. but also, we refine their motor skills. We do not aim for education to remain on paper. Some of our projects are on woodworking, working with electronics, 3-D printing and design, and depending on the student's age, they will be able to work on each level. We work with schools as well.

"We worked with a special needs school where our approach helped students grasp abstract concepts such as space and parallel lines. Once they started this practical approach, they had an improved understanding of these concepts. We also worked with private schools as well as NGOs all across Lebanon.

"We helped young adults who dropped out of school at a young age due to war, who therefore are currently unexperienced and unemployed adults. So we taught them handicraft to create and sell products or work in manufacturing. Our mission is to change the status quo, so we can become a producing nation instead of consumers. We have sufficient knowledge and tools that allow us to produce and innovate."

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