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June 11, 2018,   11:45 AM

Skype Tops The List Of Most Intimate Social Media Apps In The UAE

Farah Al-Toukhi


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Brands that connect better with their audience have historically proven to deliver higher profits and revenues. The more intimate a brand is with a consumer, higher the impact is on brand longevity and success.

According to research done by brand intimacy specialists MBLM, Skype ranks number #1 in brand intimacy within the social media and application category- one of the 15 industries measured by the study.

Skype tested well among all demographics and was shown as being  particularly popular brand among women in the UAE. However, the agency warned that if the ban on VoIP applications that came into affect this year in the Emirates continued, Skype's brand intimacy could fall.

WhatsApp emerged as the most popular brand among men after it ranked high in the "enhancement archetype, meaning that customers feel like the brand makes them better, smarter and more connected." The study also noted that WhatsApp  measured to be 162% more essential to its users’ daily lives than the industry average.

Other top intimate brands within the social media category are Google Maps, Facebook, Uber, Snapchat, Instagram, Zomato, Deliveroo and Twitter.

“Methods of communications need to be adapted to the speed of the local economy,” said William Shintani, managing partner of MBLM Dubai. “A city like Dubai evolves at a speed much faster than many places in the world — think innovation, infrastructure, place-making — and with initiatives like Smart Dubai and the Happiness Agenda, apps that facilitate instant connectivity and opportunity perform well across personal and professional spheres.”

Other social media platforms also performed significantly with Facebook being the most intimate brand among millennials ages 18 to 34. The research showed that Facebook’s popularity is growing among older users but it remains an integral part of the daily lives of the younger generation as well.

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