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July 13, 2017,   4:27 PM

The Apps You Need To have During The Summer Travel Season

Amro Elserty


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While many people are booking their time of work and preparing for their holidays’ season, many are left with multiple preparations that need to be sorted out before going on a vacation.

Those, who travel to other cities and countries, have a lot to be taken care of, whether at home or at the point of destination.

AirWayBill compiled a set of apps that are most helpful for holidaymakers aiming to spend the best time of the year without worrying too much about travel preparations.

AirWayBill: The app offers travelers short on cash the option to make extra money, by signing up to buy products online and transfer them to the point of destination while getting paid for it. If you have free space within your luggage then this is the app to capitalize on.

ServiceMarket: No need to worry about your flat’s maintenance while you’re traveling. This app will help will you find scheduled check-ups and cleaning services that can be carried out in your absence.

Washmen: Your laundry will be the least of your worries with this app. It helps you have your laundry ready before any given trip, and it similarly provides users with ‘leave at door’ option so you can get your laundry done and delivered to your doorstep while you’re on holiday.

Careem: You don’t want to be a lost tourist trying to figure out his way around unfamiliar transportation systems. Careem helps you sue the ‘Ride Later’ feature and have a driver pick and drop you off at the airport at the scheduled time. The app will also facilitate your navigation in the country you are traveling to.

Your banking app: Avoid any embarrassing moments and be ready for any financial emergencies by downloading the app that helps you sort out your finances and access your bank accounts from any part of the world.

If you want to read this list in Arabic, please follow this link.

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