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May 4, 2017,   10:02 AM

The Arab World's Most Popular YouTubers

Carla Sertin


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Saudis are among the biggest users of YouTube in the world, and some savvy young entrepreneurs in the country have made a career using the platform to develop their own shows: eight of the Arab World’s top 10 YouTubers are from the kingdom.

There are comedians, gamers and reality TV actors. Together, they have 29.5 million subscribers and their videos have attracted more than four billion views. Although Mohamed Moshaya takes the tenth spot on our list, by number of subscribers, he has more views than anyone else—765 million—more than the top two combined.

It hasn’t gone unnoticed: YouTube expects to open this quarter a YouTube Space in Dubai Studio City—its first in the Middle East. It will provide tools and guidance to develop content.

Jeddah-based UTURN and Egypt’s Diwan Videos are the dominant YouTube platforms in the region, producing content tailor-made for an Arab audience. They also help YouTube stars make money. Bader Saleh, the creator of EyshElly on UTURN, counts KitKat and Huawei, among other sponsors.

  1. Hassan Al Omran, Saudi Arabia
    Subscribers: 3.7 million
    Views: 360 million

  2. Noor Naem, Michigan, U.S.
    Noor Stars
    Subscribers: 3.6 million
    Views: 389 million

    [caption id="attachment_23666" align="alignnone" width="1024"] Noor Naem is an Iraqi vlogger based in Michigan, U.S. Photo courtesy of Noor Naem via Facebook.[/caption]

  3. Bader Saleh, Saudi Arabia
    Subscribers: 3.2 million
    Views: 371 million

    [caption id="attachment_23639" align="alignnone" width="1024"]Bader Saleh, the YouTuber behind EyshElly. Photo courtesy of UTURN. Bader Saleh, the YouTuber behind comedy channel EyshElly. Photo courtesy of UTURN.[/caption]

  4. Rayan Al Ahmari, Saudi Arabia
    Subscribers: 3.2 million subscribers
    Views: 336 million

    [caption id="attachment_23656" align="alignnone" width="885"] Rayan Al Ahmari works with Diwan Videos to create videos for his 3.2 million subscribers. Photo courtesy of Diwan Videos via Instagram.[/caption]

  5. Hayla Al Ghazal, Dubai
    Subscribers: 3.2 million
    Views: 556 million

    [caption id="attachment_23648" align="alignnone" width="1024"] Hayla Al Ghazal posts vlogs and skits on her YouTube channel. Photo courtesy of Hayla Al Ghazal.[/caption]

  6. Abdulrahman Ibrahim, Saudi Arabia
    Subscribers: 2.9 million
    Views: 491 million

    [caption id="attachment_23652" align="alignnone" width="749"] Abdulrahman Ibrahim, the Saudi-based gamer who posts videos as d7oomy_999. Photo courtesy of UTURN.[/caption]

  7. Khaled Al-Farraj, Bandar Halawani, Yazeed Zaidan, Mohammed Al Shehri, Hassan and Hussein Bin Mahfouz, Ali Al-Humaidy, Amira Al-Abbas, Ibrahim Al-Bukairi, Saudi Arabia
    Subscribers: 2.9 million
    Views: 615 million

    [caption id="attachment_23659" align="alignnone" width="1024"] Khaled Al-Farraj, Ibrahim Al-Bukairi and Amira Al-Abbas of Sa7i, a channel with multiple shows. Photo courtesy of Sa7i.[/caption]

  8. Al Temsa7, Saudi Arabia
    Al Temsa7
    Subscribers: 2.6 million
    Views: 291 million

  9. Abdullah and Abdulaziz Bakr, Saudi Arabia
    The Saudi Reporters
    Subscribers: 2.6 million
    Views: 336 million

    [caption id="attachment_23653" align="alignnone" width="1024"] Abdullah and Abdulaziz Bakr, the comedic brothers known online as The Saudi Reporters. Photo courtesy of Abdullah and Abdulaziz Bakr.[/caption]

  10. Mohamed Moshaya, Saudi Arabia
    Subscribers: 2 million
    Views: 830 million

    [caption id="attachment_23654" align="alignnone" width="1024"] Mohamed Moshaya vlogs about daily life with his three kids in Saudi Arabia. Photo courtesy of Mohamed Moshaya.[/caption]

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