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July 2, 2019,   11:01 AM

The Middle East Is A Vital Market For Cloud Technology

Waleed Hmidan

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On the sidelines of Alibaba Cloud Internet's first Ghyma Conference 2019, Selina Yuan, President of Alibaba Cloud Intelligence, spoke to us about the importance of the middle eastern market and across the board collaboration.

"We are the first global, public cloud provider that launched data centers in the region, so we believe this is an important market for us, as we consider the UAE as the bridge to the Middle East and Africa.

"For us, this conference proves we aim to have a bigger role in the Middle East, internet practices are very active in this region and there are many talents, diverese backgrounds. Also, the partners and even customers pursue digitization steadily. I think this benefits both parties.

"We think we can have more customers and partners to work with in exploring digitization in the region. For our partners, we think they can really know what we have done here and what we are willing to do the more open of an ecosystem program we have with them. For customers, they can see we insist on maintaining our efforts here, and what we have done to continue to provide our different industry solutions.

"Our technology solutions come from all our internet business practices. Also, we have benefitted greatly from key technologies such as Big Data and AI, which is why we offer these platforms and technologies to serve our customers and partners."

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