November 14, 2018,   9:06 PM


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the worlds 10 most powerful ceos
These executives helm businesses worth a combined $5 trillion and hold the power to shape the future of some of the best performing companies in the world.
Topping the list is the world’s richest man, and the only person in the world with 12 digits next to his name, Amazon’s Jeff Bezos. At the time of publication he was worth an astonishing $133 billion. His internet retailing giant bought supermarket chain Whole Foods in August 2017, started opening physical bookstores, and is seeing massive growth in its cloud business.

Amazon is worth about $780 billion, and the stock price is up 70% over the past year.

1. Jeff Bezos

CEO and Founder,

$112 B


2. Larry Page

CEO, Alphabet

$48.8 B


3. Mark Zuckerberg

Cofounder, Chairman and CEO, Facebook

$71 B


4. Warren Buffett

CEO, Berkshire Hathaway

$84 B


5.  Jamie Dimon

CEO, JPMorgan Chase

$1.3 B


6. Jack Ma

Founder and Executive Chairman, Alibaba Group

$39 B


7. Doug McMillon

CEO, al-Mart Stores


8. Tim Cook

CEO, Apple


9. Elon Musk

CEO and Chairman, Tesla

$19.9 B


10. Ma Huateng

Chairman and CEO, Tencent Holdings

$45.3 B


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