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September 18, 2019,   4:00 PM

This Fashion Billionaire Is Bringing Back Rachel Green

Jamila Gandhi


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Image source: Ralph Lauren

To celebrate 25 years since the cult television sitcom Friends first hit our screens, Warner Brothers have partnered with billionaire Ralph Lauren’s eponymous label to launch a Rachel Green collection.

An employee of Bloomingdales and Ralph Lauren for five-years in the show, Rachel Green, played by Jennifer Aniston, was known for her fashion-forward character. The fashion legend Ralph Lauren himself made a cameo appearance in an episode, joining Aniston in an elevator.

Ralph Lauren’s Wear To Work collection will honor Green’s working wardrobe, consisting of her distinctive ‘90s and ‘00s pieces, but revised in shapes and silhouettes for wear in the current era. From leather trousers and wool suits to the character’s iconic mini and midi skirts, the selection of products is priced starting from $120.  The collection consists of items from Ralph Lauren Collection and Polo Ralph Lauren and is available to buy at the store where Rachel got her first big fashion job - Bloomingdales, New York.

Shoppers will also be treated to a complimentary cup of coffee at a Central Perk replica at the 59th street Bloomingdale's flagship store on September 21st and 22nd. Overseas fans can also purchase this limited edition womenswear collection online from today.

The show’s signature coffee shop with its famous orange couch, alongside Rachel’s office, will be available for the public to visit; a marketing strategy that will travel fortnightly to selected Bloomingdale stores across the US. “Bloomingdale’s goes beyond great fashion by offering in-store activations driven by pop culture and creating a memorable shopping experience for our customers,” added Frank Berman, Bloomingdale’s executive vice president and chief marketing officer. 

Locally, the 25th anniversary of Friends is being celebrated at the world’s tallest building on September 22nd.

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