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February 12, 2018,   1:27 PM

Top 4 Things From Day 1 Of The World Government Summit

Carla Sertin and Farah Al-Toukhi


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The World Government Summit this week kicked off its sixth edition with a substantial line-up of dignitaries and thought leaders. With a wide lineup of talks and speeches, this year’s summit hosted discussions that focused on technology innovation and humanity’s development. Here are the top 4 things we saw at the world government summit. Watch the video for a look into the 6th Edition of The World Government Summit.

  1. Dr. Michio Kaku and Dynamic Futures
    In one of the first talks of the conference, acclaimed theoretical physicist Dr. Michio Kaku discussed the future of innovation and their impact on humanity, particularly how governments will be able to adapt and enforce it. "Where does wealth come from?" inquires Dr. Kaku. "They tell me that wealth ultimately come from science and technology. But science and technology come in waves that we physicists initiated." 

  2. India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi's Address
    In discussing humanity’s reach and capabilities, India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed innovation as a tool of empowerment and not a source of conflict.  "The goal of human existence is not just progress," said Modi. "But the creation of happiness. Happiness is man's greatest wealth." 

  3. Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson and the Colonization of Space
    Space exploration had a running theme throughout the first day of the conference. Astrophysicist Dr. Neil Degrasse Tyson examined the future of colonizing other planets. He also deliberated the hurdles and motivations of humanity’s reach into space. "Predicting the future is often an exercise of what you already know," mused Dr. Tyson. "The history of this exercise is that governments lead. Governments have long term interest in the success of technology over a longer period of time that any corporate entity can possibly justify."

  4. The IMF's Christine Lagarde and Gender Equality
    Managing director of the International Monetary Fund, Christine Lagarde, addressed the importance of the #metoo movement. Lagarde believes that global economic reform will make way for greater gender equality and fairness.

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