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March 9, 2018,   9:30 AM

Why You Need Doubters To Succeed In Life

Molham Krayem


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We hate it when people doubt us. Or, at least we think we do.

On micro matters – like road directions, food menu choices, movie selection – we do not like to be questioned. Though when it comes to macro matters – like career choices, business decisions, life resolutions – we secretly love it.

Of course, we always want some people supporting and cheering us on for the big decisions -- these are the individuals who join your team of life and stick around for the whole ride. But think about it: what if everyone agreed with your every major decision? And all your family, friends, and random strangers saw your vision the way you do, believed in you. The journey actually becomes a lot less appealing because we crave a challenge.

The truth is we do not want everyone on our side. We want opposers and we need their doubt. Because, in a way, doubt is a pre-requisite for “proving them wrong” (and oftentimes, when we have doubt in ourselves, we want to prove ourselves wrong as well). Our achievements weigh more, and are just that much sweeter when we exceed expectations – whether others’ or our own. We are overwhelmed with an intoxicating feeling of positive disbelief and surprise when we accomplish the improbable.

It is the classic story of the underdog, where the best moments lie at the crossroads of when the odds are against us and “I told you so.” And that is what life is: a series of “I told you so’s.” So, let us learn to appreciate our doubters because they make life interesting by allowing us to live the underdog narrative. Deal with them gently – they are blind to your potential through no fault of their own. It is your job to make them see what you see. And it is futile to try and convince them with words – you need to show them.

It is your move: what is one thing you want to achieve that people are doubting you on? What do you need to do to "prove them wrong?" Do that. Do that, now.

Understandably, you are likely going to read everything said and not do “that” thing you need to get started on. And if that's the case for you, well then – I told you so.


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