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April 4, 2018,   1:56 PM

Your Four-Step Plan To Culture Change During A Digital Transformation

Nermeen Abbas


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A technology shift not backed up by a corresponding cultural shift puts the success of a digital business initiative at risk, according to the research and advisory company, Gartner, Inc.

The company indicated that when embarking on a digital business transformation, too often organizations ignore the need to change the mindset of their staff.

"For any transformation to be successful, people need to buy into your vision, the culture aspect and the technology demand equal attention from the application leader because culture will form the backbone of all change initiatives for their digital business transformation, said Aashish Gupta, research analyst at Gartner.

The staff trapped in a "fixed" mindset may slow down or, worse, derail the digital business transformation initiatives of the company, added Gupta.

Gartner indicated that while every organization must understand the nuance of attracting and retaining talent with values and mindsets aligned to the mission and culture of the organization, it requires a healthy and psychologically safe team environment within a growth mindset organizational culture.

To help application leaders implement mindset change among their staff, Gartner has developed a four-step plan:


Create a compelling vision that can be shared as a story to inspire and motivate desire for the change, everybody should understand what is meant by a growth and product mindset.


Define key behavioral attributes that reflect the intended mindset change, these can be individual accomplishments that contribute to the team, business or customer results, a greater number of projects owned, or acquiring new skills.


HR should be involved to ensure that performance metrics, as well as the descriptions of roles and responsibilities, are updated to include these key behavioral attributes, before rolling them out to all departments.

Measure, monitor and wait

Allow some time for the changes to percolate, measure and monitor the changes through anonymous surveys, you can ask employees if they understand the company's messaging around culture, or if they see their leaders practicing it, and if they find their colleagues taking the initiative seriously.

"Be patient. Fostering a growth mindset culture that requires behavior changes among your staff takes time," said Mr. Gupta.

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